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I would argue against that. It has been scientifically determined through many years of observation and accidental experiments that keeping a loaded gun with a very young child is much more likely to cause a tragic death than keeping the gun away from the child. Many people have died performing this experiment, and so the results are clearly repeatable under the same circumstances, hereby concluding that keeping a loaded gun with a two year old is a very bad idea.

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I play Ahri top as a cheese and because I want an AP top that can assassinate (I have Ryze as a traditional frontline mage, Xin as an AD toplaner/assassin, and Mundo for tank), while I don’t have Lissandra yet.

Plays out a lot like Ahri mid except my roams are done through teleport, or if I can, I simply make myself a big enough threat to “splitpush” i.e. grabbing a Lich Bane + DFG and start pushing hard. Does it work? Somehow… I’m still not sure why or how.

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I’m also 25. I’m lucky enough to have been working in the construction field where I’ve met a lot of guys who I learned a lot from. When I was about 20 this one guy said “what your old man never taught you this?” Ha my old man never taught me how to shave my face. You can learn the hard way I guess, after all it builds character right? That’s what I tell myself at least

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I am in complete contrast with you, I still like the feeling of waiting until next week for the next episode. I can’t even binge watch that much, I only watch two maybe three episodes at a time. For instance after the Arrow mid season finale I’m left to wonder what the hell is going to happen with the show, and binge watching takes the fun out of the wonder, the discussion, and the theories which I feel are a big part of any TV show.

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I’ve been wanting to buy XCOM! Is this the best deal to purchase XCOM with? Screw it I’m buying it!

EDIT: So I just bought XCOM, however when I was making my payment it says that my payment has been selected for manual review. Is this a regular thing? Also, how will I be notified for when my order has been reviewed and get the steam code for the game? Thanks so much and sorry for being such a noob!

EDIT2: Okay this is my first time using GamersGate, and I’m starting to find it really frustrating. It automatically logged me out of my account and everytime I input in my account information it won’t let me login.

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